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Written By: Scott - Jan• 09•17

Vintage Apple T-Shirts

Written By: Scott - Jan• 08•17

Did you know old Apple t-shirts are an Apple collector fan fav? They are, and I must confess I also love these old markers of Apple’s days gone by. You might be surprised to learn these babies have been collectibles for a long time and there are extensive collections out there.

In fact, there aren’t many Apple collectibles that have a hardback book printed for reference. Apple t-shirts do and the book catalogs the period in Apple’s history when each category of shirt was produced and what was going on in the company at the time.  Yes, t-shirts serve to remind us of Apple’s history and Apple employees obviously loved them too.

No, I didn’t work for Apple and none were given to me when they were hot off the press, but that’s cool with me because they still are significant anyway.

Yes, I have a collection of t-shirts too. Some represent significant events in Apple’s history and I have them simply as reminders. Others are more recent and I can personally relate to, like the employee shirts celebrating the introduction of the iPhone.

The older shirts tend to be for the hard-core collector, just because some of the events the shirts represent are extremely geeky, like shirts made by and for the employees of the engineering department. Others mark product introductions that many of us can better relate to.

Regardless of why a particular shirt or series of shirts resonates with you is really neither here nor there at this point, the fact of the matter is Apple t-shirts are very popular and highly collectible.

Back to the Apple T-Shirt Book- this sucker is over 200 pages and is mostly pictures. It is serious cataloging and one that, if you are into their shirts, you must get. It’s called Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer by Gordon Thygeson. It features and describes over a 1000 in all and is rich in the company’s history, which is why I like it. It ties the shirts to what was going on at the time each was made.

If you like Apple history then this book provides a totally different perspective — almost an insider’s — compared with all the other books written about Apple. Most of the shirts were made for the employees who had a part of developing, designing or launching all things Apple and the significant and historical milestones they accomplished or Apple events.

Being a bit of a rebel myself, I particularly like some of the ones that are in your face.

While I have several historically significant tees that are in the book, I tend to grab what I like and some are more current productions, like a couple I bought from Mighty Tees made after Steve died.

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I also have one the author uses to kick off the book and it is all Steve, and I like that.

The iPad Pro- Apple’s first tablet to use a stylus, or is it?

Written By: Scott - Jan• 01•17

Apple finally went against Steve’s demand by making a stylus for one of their tablets. Yes, the iPad Pro is a break from Steve’s insistence that the finger is the best input device, and even over the mouse- Yikes! Steve didn’t like mechanical pointing devices for inputting commands.

Steve killed the Apple Newton (Personal Digital Assitant) after his return to Apple in 1997. The Newton had a stylus. Yes, you could point around and command the handheld device to do things. This ground-breaking PDA had a ton of potential and was the predecessor to the iPhone and the iPad, although I’d bet SJ probably never admitted it.

But, the Newton wasn’t a tablet anyway.

So, the iPad Pro now is the first actual Apple tablet to use a stylus as a primary input device, right? Well, hold on there cowboy. Not so fast…

You may be thinking, you hold on there, Scott. The original iPad didn’t, nor has any of its later gens, so you must be confusing the Newton or even the Apple eMate 300 with an iPad because Apple has never made a pencil-like device to interact or input commands into one of their tablets.


It took Apple almost 40 human years, and Steve’s death, to bring back the stylus as an input device for their tablets.

I know you are thinking I drank way too much eggnog over the holidays because we all know Apple only invented the original iPad tablet in 2010 and it did not have a stylus and the Pro (2015) is their first model to have one. Therefore, one plus one equals two, right? No, not really. I mean yes, the math is correct, but let’s not forget our Apple history.

Now I’ll cut you some slack if you are thinking I’m confusing things here because I realize 40 years is a long time. In fact, it’s like 200 years in technology years and yes, that is a long time.

We all know Steve always insisted the human finger was the preferred input device- over the keyboard or mouse…although today I bet he’d say it is the VOICE, but I digress.

Drum roll…

Reintroducing Apple’s first tablet and stylus.

The Apple Graphics Tablet

THIS is Apple’s first tablet. The year was 1979 and its input device was the only — the only — pencil-like stylus Steve ordained. And it is Apple’s first stylus for one of their tablets.



Apples and Auctions- a dangerous combination

Written By: Scott - Dec• 31•16

Recently, an auctioneer friend of mine tagged me in a FaceBook post about an Apple collectible that was in a large auction he was conducting. It was an Apple External 5.25 Drive. I was familiar with the drive and have one in my collection. The thing that piqued my interest though was the drive is new and still factory sealed, as was the owner’s manual, and had its original box. Collectors know this is what’s called a New in Box (NIB) Apple collectible. No, it wasn’t a factory sealed NIB Apple because the box had been opened, but was brand new nonetheless.

Now add to the equation it was selling at auction- a dangerous combination.

I’m alway interested in the backstory of old Apples because in some cases it adds value. Here’s what he said. “Just found them in a storage shed today. This lady was an educator from Michigan. Lots of this stuff has been stored since ’96”.

So here you have a brand new Apple in a country auction out in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.  I doubted there’d be any Apple collectors in attendance so I thought I might get a deal. Needless to say, had he called me to tell me he found one “for sale,” I’d passed, but at auction, well that’s another matter entirely. Let’s say I’m a sucker for a bargain…guess it’s the 100 years of auctioneering in my blood.

Game on. We worked out the details for my absentee bid (there was no cell service in the area so I absentee bid) and the rest is history, and yes, as you probably guessed I was the highest bidder. I haven’t asked him the details of how the bidding went down. All I know is it sold at my proxy and being an auctioneer myself, my guess is it opened at my number. 😉

Got it in the other day and can report- it is a jewel. No, disk drives don’t necessary turn me on, but NIB Apples do. I’m always amazed people buy things they never open.

I’m leaving it sealed, but did take it out of its box.

Thanks Junior Staggs!

For the last couple of hours, I did a deep search and found the history of Apple’s drives to be very interesting. I wanted to summarize it but decided I couldn’t do it justice.

Here are the links for you and me for later reference.

Apple 5.25″ Drive (A9M0107)

New additions to my collection and Apples for everyday use

Written By: Scott - Dec• 26•16

2012 Christmas- Apple cubed notepad

Christmas has always provided me an opportunity to add to my collection, and this year was no different. Granted, each of us buys our own presents so this is probably why. 🙂

This year I will be adding to my collection here at MyFavoriteApple several totally random Apples. Some are continuing certain subcollections, while others are newer products I’ll use every day.

Let’s start with the older collectibles. You know I have a thing about New in the box (NIB) still factory sealed vintage Apples. This year I grabbed a brand new still sealed 1986 AppleMouse IIc. I particularly wanted this to go with my NIB factory sealed Apple IIc machine, monitor and stand. It just fit really well. Obviously, I’ll not open it either.

I also love the “Test drive a Mac” campaign from 1984 and all items related to it. I found a new still sealed Key Fob that says, “I’d rather be driving a Macintosh.”  It’s brass and super cool. I have several other items in this mini-collection. I had to pay a fair price for it, but I justified it because it was a Christmas present and not an out and out collection purchase. My rationale is Christmas gives me to chance to get Apples I might not buy otherwise.

I also found a 56-page jewel to add to my The Apple Collection catalog collection. It’s dated 1993. I’ll scan it up into my catalog collection here too. It’s really cool to see all the merch Apple offered and all of which make up the collectibles of today. I love to see all their Apple logo’d merchandise, plus the catalogs help provide me a gauge of date ranges when the items were made and offered for sale. I do have to admit I missed out on one from 1983 though. I thought I had proxy bid high enough but was wrong. I now know that catalog exists so I’ll get one one day.

Additionally, I grabbed a mint and brand new Apple IIc owners manual. Just cause.

You know I love the Apple Portable so grabbed the DVD remake of the original instruction video too.

And to wrap up my additions to my collection is the super cool first gen Apple webcam. I’ll post on it separately also, but this webcam kit was released in 1997  way before what we now know as the external iSight camera. This baby is also NIB.

AND THEN I got me a couple of new Apples that will go into my collection one day, but for now they going into everyday use.

First, I got the fantastic iPad Pro- not actually a Christmas present, but a gift from my company. I love it. Ever since I bought the new iPhone 7 Plus, I found my use of my iPad 3 gen was starting to decrease, so I got a Pro. I’ll post on this one separately also.


Last but not least, I got the super cool 1st gen Apple AirPods. They sound great, better than any other earbuds I’ve ever owned. More to come on these babies later.


Apple AirPods Review

Written By: Scott - Dec• 25•16

Something live music fans and concert-goers have long known is hearing a band live can’t be topped. Well, Santa brought me a pair of Apple’s 1st Gen AirPods and all I can say is this- it is as close to seeing them live as you can get. #excellentsoundquality.

The pure joy of an Apple Christmas

Written By: Scott - Dec• 24•16

When you realize how far Apple has come it’s real easy to get excited about their new laptops, especially when you compare their first portables, and their size, to today’s. #throwback #Christmas2010


Merry Apple Christmas to You and Yours!

…funny thing is my middle daughter went off to college shortly after I got this Air, so I gave it to her 🙂

Apple AirPods release

Written By: Scott - Dec• 18•16

We all know by now Apple announced the release of their cool wireless earbuds they call AirPods and I can’t wait to get my pair. I was disappointed by their initial delay, but understand two things- First, Apple will announce products not totally ready for release and then too, they want to get the new product the best they can before they ship. Well, Apple put them on sale last week and I ordered a pair within seconds of seeing the first news they were finally available to order.

As you know as a collector of all things Apple, I love getting the first gen of any Apple product, but the other reason I wanted these is I HATE wires. It seems I always about jerk my head off while listening to my favorite bands with my in-the-ear red Beats pair.

My daily routine is to check my Stocks app several times to see what’s happening with AAPL and just the market in general. Apple has been moving up over the last two weeks and I’m curious as to where the price is and enjoy watching it bounce. On Tuesday, December 13th about 9:00 CT I checked to see if their stock bounced again at the opening of the market and there I saw several feeds announcing the AirPods were available for order, finally. I jumped to the Apple Store app and with a few clicks, I had them ordered.

The shipping dates have now been pushed back several weeks due to supply and demand. I’ve been through all that several times before. Heck, my iPhone 7 Plus took over a month to deliver. By midday, the news was a several week push back on delivery already. Not wanting to get my hopes up I settled my mind on them coming in after Christmas for sure. I had hoped I’d jumped on ordering them early enough that first day so that I’d get them on the first available delivery date- Wednesday, December 21st.

I’m happy to report I did make the first batch of ready to go AirPods after all. Yesterday at 2:59 PM the Apple Store Shipment Notification came in and confirmed those babies are on their way, and just in time for me to give them to myself for Christmas 🙂

If you haven’t heard Jony making these things sexy, then here you go.


Steve Jobs talks the Internet in 1985

Written By: Scott - Dec• 17•16

“The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it into a nationwide communications network. We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people—as remarkable as the telephone.”

Steve Jobs -1985 Playboy Interview