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Apple Macintosh Computer Coffee Mug

Written By: Scott - Oct• 23•16

Apple mugs are very popular among collectors. These ceramic cups come in all different flavors and most sport Apple’s rainbow logo or name written in the large iconic Garamond Assortment of Apple coffee mugstypeface. Apple mugs can be relatively easy to find and some are still in new condition even after all these years. Many are pictured in the early The Apple Collection Catalogs. These catalogs also serve to help us narrow down the years the different mugs were produced.

I’ve been collecting these cool mugs for years and, while I can’t say I have the complete collection, there are a few that are my favorite, but there is one particular mug that ranks heads above the rest and this leads me to today’s post.

Early Apple Computer coffee mugsI’ve found my collecting fever ebbs and flows with time. Sometimes I’m constantly checking eBay for anything Apple that strikes my fancy, while I can go months without checking. But, I have a decent feel for what’s out there and what I’m still in the hunt for.

Well, last week I got super lucky. Not having checked eBay for several months I just happened to open the app while killing time in the airport on one of my trips. BINGO! I found the Apple of my eye. It was an early Macintosh mug I had been looking for over many years. This particular mug is, IMHO, the absolute hardest to find.

It’s the mug with Mac and his keyboard on one side and the rainbow logo on the other. This mug is different than all the rest too because of its shape. It’s 4 inches tall and almost 5 inches wide. While I’ve yet to find this mug pictured in any Apple catalogs it was all about Mac (1984). I found one on eBay years ago and bought it, but it had cracks. And while it was still structurally sound and highly collectible, I hoped one day I could find another without the cracks. Honestly, I didn’t think I ever would. It is just that rare, plus good grief the thing is ceramic and how many people can keep these mugs for over 30 years without them breaking.

And this is where the BINGO comes in. I have several different searches pre-set on eBay and in hopes one day I’d find another I pre-set an Apple mug search.

Yep, there he was and he didn’t have a single crack, plus he still had the rubber base intact. So, I grabbed it. And yes, I probably overpaid, but when you collect stuff sometimes it’s the price you have to pay and I did.

So, let me introduce my newest member to my Apple collection. Drum roll…

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the Macintosh mug.

Apple Macintosh coffee mug


macintosh-coffee-mug macintosh-coffee-mug-2


And just in case you are interested, I listed my cracked one on eBay now and hope it will find a good home. It served me well all these years.

Steve Jobs Collection Auction

Written By: Scott - Oct• 01•16

Collectors of all things Apple hunt for the rare and especially one of a kind representations of the early Apple days. Harder to find still are any items used or owned by Steve.

Julien's Auction CatalogLast week a friend and fellow auctioneer who sells all types of celebrity goodies sent me a text informing me he was auctioneering 31 Steve Jobs items that day along with a link to the catalog. I had just boarded a plane and Delta was about to close the door so I had only a few minutes to check it out before we took off and, of course, this particular flight offered no WiFi. I just had time to feast my eyes on exactly the type stuff I love and more importantly, they were all owned, worn or used by Steve personally.

I quickly downloaded the Julien’s Auction House App and registered to bid. At this point, we were taxing out and getting in position to lift off. I had only seconds to find what I wanted and then enter a bid.

BINGO! I found exactly the item from Steve I wanted to buy. It was his gold watch. The Apple Watch is cool, no doubt, but just imagine owning one of Steve’s own watches. I couldn’t stand it. With seconds to go and before we flew out of cell range I excitedly clicked to enter a bid. And then it I saw it. The bid was already $12,500.

My iPad cell service quit as we flew out of range.

Over the next hour, I came to terms with the fact that I was out- on everything. I didn’t really want to buy one of his shirts- that just seemed a bit creepy to me, but I would have loved to get his leather jacket.

In the end, the watch sold for $18,700 and the jacket $22,400.


Steve Jobs gold watch


Steve Jobs Leather Jacket


Here is a link to the catalog. Steve’s items are 770 to 801.



And who says Apple’s not innovating

Written By: Scott - Sep• 17•16



Macintosh Dealer Banner

Written By: Scott - Jun• 12•16

macintosh dealer banner

Salvador Dali iPhone

Written By: Scott - Feb• 14•16


Apple Rumor- Apple Tennis Shoes

Written By: Scott - Jan• 31•16

Folks make huge bucks in the Apple rumor mill. Apple is so secretive everyone is trying their darndest to figure out what the company is up to. I follow dozens of Apple news sites and find it humorous watching everyone fall all over each other trying to get the scoop.

I particularly got a chuckle last week over a rumor, or maybe it was more speculation. The thing thatApple Computer Sneaker Shoes I found funny was it involved one of my Apples in my collection. I was scrolling through my Facebook and the story caught my eye. It was about the Apple tennis shoes, or sneakers, if you prefer.

I linked the story to my Facebook page admitting to my friends that I owned a pair. They already know I Think Different so sometimes I just stir it up for fun.

Later that day, I clicked through to the story again and realized the writer said they couldn’t find the owner of that pair. I thought that was a bit odd and then realized the article asserted that there had only been one pair made by Apple. A prototype. And they know they sold on eBay some years ago. The kicker was the line “and no one knows who owns them.”

Yep, you guessed it. I emailed the writer informing her that I owned a pair and did buy them off eBay several years ago, but that my pair wasn’t the only ones. I’ve seen two other pair on eBay over the years. I also told her I don’t think Apple ever offered them for sale to the public, plus I’ve not found them being offered in any of their merchandise catalogs from the 80s and 90s.

Another theory I read is that these shoes were produced by Apple and given to employees which is why so few are still around. That makes sense.

The writer then changed the article removing the statement that ‘no one knows who owns them” and now credits yours truly as the owner. 🙂 And according to her article, the guy I bought my pair from was an Apple employee. Who knows.

What I do know is my pair has never been worn. They remain brand new, old Apple tennis shoes.


Happy Birthday Macintosh

Written By: Scott - Jan• 24•16

Mac is 32 today.


Brand New Original iPad

Written By: Scott - Jan• 23•16

Brand New Original iPadToday is a celebration of my newest addition to my Apple collection. I acquired a sealed, Brand New- still in the Box and never opened, 1st Gen iPad.

The original iPad was released in April of 2010. No, it’s not a vintage machine, like a lot of my collection, but it is still super significant. Steve was hyper-excited about it too. It represented one of his highest milestones of Apple innovation.

And while I bought the 1st Gen iPad the first day they went on sale and now have retired it to my collection (for sentimental reasons), I made the decision to get this one because it’s never been opened and is brand new, and I like sealed, new in the box Apples of all varieties. They are more expensive than a used collectible, but, if and when I ever decide to sell, they will be much easier to sell and will command a premium.

Apple fans love the iPad. It is one of the more recent Apple innovations and has Steve’s fingerprints all over it. He foresaw it back in 1983, built it when technology allowed and then launched it in 2010. Today, 6 years later, the iPad seems commonplace, but at the time the iPad was unlike any other Apple product, and man, was it cool!

“The iPad is a magical and revolutionary device.” Steve Jobs

Steve introduces the iPadOne of the things I find most interesting is it is obviously a computer, but to the non-computer literate, it isn’t seen as such. It simply doesn’t have the intimidation factor of a computer to someone who never owned one before. It wasn’t intended to be a workhorse, like a laptop (albeit the iPad Pro is a step in that direction). Instead, it is a machine made for surfing the web, playing on social media and checking email. Yes, I know there are almost 800,000 iPad apps allowing tons of functionality, but I don’t play games, nor do I want to do ‘work’ on my iPad.

Because the iPad is the ultimate in mobile computing, I love it. Steve’s vision early on was three things: make computing personal, make it mobile and make it so someone can learn to use it in 20 minutes. And man, is the iPad the dream machine, more than another product they’ve made (and yes, I know the iPhone offers those three also, but it is more like mini-me to me). The iPad, on the other hand, is the coolest Apple product ever. I do realize too, Apple didn’t invent the tablet. No, they didn’t invent a lot of things, but perfect it, now that they did.

Ceremonial Opening







The Making of iPods Cool

Written By: Scott - Jan• 17•16
3 gens of iPods

1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen iPods

Collecting pieces of Apple’s history is fun. I like the devices, but at the same time I get off on the era they reflect.

There are many examples from Apple’s history illustrating their willingness to step out with a revolutionary device, but sometimes they’d let another company make a device first. Obviously, they didn’t produce the first MP3 player, nor did they make the first smartphone or even the first tablet. In those cases, Apple knew they could make each of these better. Significantly better. They did just that. We now know the iPod ultimately became a core product for the computer maker.


The iPod and all the generations and models stand as an icon representing THE device for music lovers. Fast forward to today, we know the iPhone cannibalized the iPod, but Apple knows when that is likely to happen with their devices and machines.

From the introduction of the “classic” first gen iPod, Apple wanted to stay way ahead of the competition. I don’t know if we could call the original iPod revolutionary, like the iPhone and iPad, but Steve stood on it as significantly more user-friendly than the other MP3 devices available at the time.

iPod dancersApple also has this way about making their products, and in this case, the iPod, super cool and they made us see it that way too.

That’s how they succeeded with the iPod. Apple branded this device as the hippest thing on the planet. I love the dancing silhouettes campaign particularly and it was with the introduction of their 3rd generation iPod in 2003 when the dancing started. Just a silhouette of a person rocking out, but with a white device held in their hand, and of course, white earbuds in their ears.

iPodApple launched the 3rd gen in April of 2003 and, of course, Steve was out there bragging on it.

“The competition hasn’t even caught up with our first generation iPod, and we’re introducing our third generation,” Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.

And then Apple started a new ad campaign with the dancing silhouettes in September of that year. The first ads were placed on outdoor billboards in Los Angels. After three months of silhouette advertising, iPod sales were up by 50 percent over that of the previous quarter.  In the U.S. by then, the iPod also had the biggest market share of all MP3 players. Apple outspent the competition by “a factor of about a hundred” according to Steve.

iPod ad

Apple, meanwhile, was doing a full-court press pushing for a media “buzz effect” on its iPod + iTunes music and marketing. By December 2003, Apple’s PR machine had secured 6,000 iPod stories in publications worldwide.  Advertising Age magazine named Apple “marketer of the year” based on the its iPod advertising campaign.

Apple sold over two million iPods, and iTunes more than 50 million songs by the end of 2003. They stopped using the dancing silhouettes in 2011 and by that time they had sold over 300 million iPods and we’d downloaded over 15 Billion songs off iTunes. I’d say all the dancers performed very well for the music giant.