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12 Days of Apple Christmas, Part II

Written By: Scott - Dec• 13•13

Continuing on with my 12 Days of Apple Christmas bucket list. If you missed Part I, check it out.

Day Seven

Apple Test Drive Glove Apple Test Drive Campaign

My Day Seven of my Christmas bucket list is the actual glove used in the “Test drive a Macintosh” Apple marketing campaign.  In 1984, Apple had a marketing campaign which allowed someone to take home a Macintosh and software. They made Magazine Ads, Buttons, Pins, Posters and T V commercials. Featured front and center in the ads is this famous glove.

You may say, “Scott, you’ll never find this glove and if you do, how are you going to know it is the original authentic glove used in this campaign?” Well, I actually have already found it. It was a eureka moment. Actually, I didn’t find it. It found me. The owner worked for Apple for 16 years in the marketing dept. Hopefully one day I’ll own it but for not, it’s just on my list. If and when I ever end up with it, I’ll interview this gentleman and get all the historic nuggets about the glove and the making of this campaign.

If you want to see the other five Test drive a Macintosh TV commercials, then check out EveryAppleAds YouTube Channel. Then check out The Mothership Apple here to see the Magazine Ad and Brochure.

Day Eight

Macintosh Picasso Poster

PattersonMacintoshPosterThis one is around and pops up on eBay periodically. It will cost you a arm and a leg if it’s in mint condition though. I’m biding my time. Because these aren’t so uber rare that I need to jump when I find one, I’m waiting on a reasonable priced one.

Mac-Picasso-Artwork-smHere’s the history of the Picasso logo and Apple’s uses of it over on The Vintage Mac Museum. Good stuff.

Here’s one on, it’s just that he wants $2495.99.

Photo credit: Blake Patterson

Day Nine

Apple Umbrella

I’ve always loved this umbrella. Weird? I know.

1978 Apple Computer Early Rainbow Logo Umbrella- I only know of one for sale and this seller said in all his years of collecting he’s only see two.

Vintage Apple Umbrella

Pretty cool, isn’t it? As I wrote this post I checked out my friend who owned this umbrella and am disappointed to report- he sold it. Dang. I kept tabs on it for a year or so, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $500 for it, so I shouldn’t be disappointed now should I? Guess now, I’ll keep tabs on this old Apple he has. He only wants $1099 for it.

Vintage 1985 Apple Computer Logo SUPERBOWL XIX Flag

Vintage 1985 Apple Computer Logo SUPERBOWL XIX Flag

Day Ten

All the Delicious Flavors of the iMac G3

iMac G3OK, I am cheating with this one, I know. But, honestly, the point of this model Mac is ALL the colors, so getting just one won’t cut it.iMac colors







Day Eleven

The ClamShell (iBook) Mac

If you can believe it, I don’t have one of these little Macs yet. I watch them on eBay and there’s plenty to chose from. I’d love to find one with the original box and all the goodies that came with it at the time. The problem I have with this bucket list item, like the iMac G3, is if I get one I’ll feel I must get them all. That’s a problem.

To me this is one cute little machine. The brother to the PowerBook 100 (October 1991). The ClamShell iBook was introduced in July of 1999.




Day Twelve

The Apple I

Apple INot wanting to complete my collection with an Apple I is like being unpatriotic. It’d be like liking Steve but not liking Woz. I just can’t do it.

Apple_IEven though the Apple I doesn’t quite follow the form factor of all the cool machines and designs Jony Ives continues to bring our way, it is iconic in it’s own way.

I’m not crazy about just having a board (the buyer had to come up with their own keyboard, display and power supply)…although I did add a motherboard of the Apple Portable to my collection a few years ago. The other reason it hasn’t already been added to my collection or this list is it’s collector value is over the top. You’ve read about the ones the famous auction houses have sold, or tried to. Prices into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s a wrap

Well, here you have it. My 12 Days of Apple Christmas bucket list. There are several Apples I could have added and I’m sure some day I will, but for now, these are the ones.

The truth is I already know I am getting one Apple for Christmas to add to my collection and it isn’t any one of these 12. Instead, it is one I bought for myself and my middle daughter’s going to give it to me. It’s an authentic Apple windsock from the 80s. I’m researching the details now and will post about it after Christmas. The other cool thing about it is it’s unopened, and you know how I like sealed Apples 🙂

Sealed Vintage Apple Windsock



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  1. Joel Stille says:

    I recently acquired an Apple vintage umbrella. It is not colored like the one pictured, but is red and white with wood handle and post. I am unable to find any information on this item. If you would like pictures or can give me an idea of what it is worth, please feel free to respond to my email address. Thanks!

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