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1982 Apple Computer Milestones Poster

Written By: Scott - Feb• 19•12

I have got a thing for old Apple Computer posters. Here’s my latest- It’s called Apple Milestones poster from 1982. It was given to Apple employees at a company party celebrating $1 Billion in sales for that year (fyi- they recorded $108 billion for fiscal year 2011)

Apple Milestones Poster 1982

The statement reads-

Thanks to you, Apple has grown faster than any company in modern business history. Our historic rise to the top has been made possible only through the combined efforts of all Apple people.”

Then it lists each financial milestone Apple achieved, followed by a signature of A. C. (Mike) Markkula, Apple’s CEO at the time and original investor in 1977.

Here it is in the Computer History Museum.



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  1. Vivian Miller says:


    I actually have this poster. It was given to my brother-in-law when he worked for Apple. (I also have a Lisa Poster). I must say, they have been rolled up for all these years and does not look as pristine and flat as yours does. Anyway, I was looking on-line to see if it had any value since I was thinking of listing them on ebay and to see if I could figure out whose signature is in red since it is not Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak. It looks like A. C somthing?. Do you have any idea whose name it is?



    • Terri says:

      Vivian, did you decide to ebay these? If not, I am interested in them.


    • George Cooper says:

      The name of the person is A.C. (Mark) Markkula, Jr., with Apple 1977-1997 and President & CEO 1981-1983. I have the same poster having received it during my employment at Apple from 1982-1990.

  2. George Cooper says:

    Sorry I mis-typed his name – he is Mike Markkula

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