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1989 Macintosh Portable Brochure

Written By: Scott - Mar• 31•13

MacUser 1989 Apple Portable

Collectors of Apple eventually develop niche’ areas of focus. Most don’t start off there, but out of passion or necessity a pattern develops. Mine has clearly revealed itself. Even though I consider myself an early adopter I was actually a late bloomer when it came to using a computer, so my area of passion pre-dates my first computer.

My area of interest is narrowly Apple’s significant contributions into portable personal computers.

Just drop in on and you’ll quickly see early computers were HUGE. Often taking up entire rooms, so when Apple decided to market to consumers instead of corporate users, they dreamed of computers able to be used “on the go.” Today, this sounds almost comical. We carry our iPads with us all the time and think nothing about it, but back in 1988 all you had was Apple’s Macintosh line or the Apple IIc, both of which could be carried around. Apple half-heartedly tried to sell the portability of those machines, but they really weren’t. Why? Because you still had to plug them in to use them.

MacWorld Nov 1989 Mac PortableThis all changed though when Apple introduced its first truly portable computer- the Macintosh Portable in 1989. Granted it was still not very practical. It was big (especially by today’s standards) and heavy, but back then it was revolutionary and Apple’s first step into true portable computing. And even though we know Steve dreamed of a computer we’d one day carry around like a book and one that we could learn to use in 20 minutes that was connected wirelessly to other computers, but back in 1989, the Macintosh Portable was their most innovative attempt at portable computing.

The Macintosh Portable is the iPhone of that era. The iPad of the late 1980s. It was the best invented at the time.

I’m tickled to add to my Apple Portable Collection– it’s very rare marketing brochure. I had to be patient and search diligently to find one. And while images of this brochure are around on a couple of sites, I wanted my very own.




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