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A house full of Macs

Written By: Scott - Feb• 27•14

One of the benefits of having a large family is Macs get added to my Apple computer collection faster than if they were only added when I get new ones.

For me, I have a combo of both old and new as my/our everyday machine…I still count any Mac used by my family (there are 6 of us) as mine and will ultimately end up in my collection. My company has a marketing dept that uses Macs and from time to time, I inherit one from there too.

We all know the routine- get a new Mac and add the old one to my collection, well that’s the way it is supposed to work anyway.

Right now, my home set-up is a 2011 15″ MacBook Pro, and while I do carry it back and forth to my office, when I’m home I hook it up to my old 2006 antique 30″ Cinema Display with wireless keyboard and mouse. For my casual surfing and when I’m on the road, I use my iPad 4 with retina display.


Kim loves Boze's blackmac

Love at first site

My wife still uses her 2008 Black MacBook and I’m dying to add it to my collection-it is too cool. When her first Mac, a white MacBook, was only a year old a friend of mine came over my house showing off his brand new black MacBook. And even though my wife really didn’t like computers, her mouth hit the floor when she saw his black laptop (she’d never seen a black Mac before), so I surprised her with one soon after. At the time it is was a souped up machine too. She also has a iPad 3 she uses to read books on.

My iMac, her laptop, but my iPad :)

My iMac, her laptop, but my iPad 🙂

My oldest daughter uses her 2010 MacBook Pro, but she absconded with our previous family computer, a 2006 20″ white iMac G-4 before I could add it to my Mac Museum. She also uses our (THE) original iPad, but just the other day I found it laying around the house and grabbed it for my collection.

My son uses a 2010 MacBook Pro.

My middle daughter has a 2011 MacBook Air.

My youngest daughter uses her 2013 iPad Mini and my wife’s older white 2006 MacBook,  but she heads off to college this fall and the understanding is that they get a new Apple laptop then. So the good news is at least I’ll finally get that 2006 model for my collection.

Aluminum iMacAlso, our family communal computer is a 2009 20″ iMac G-5- Aluminum. I’d take it as my everyday home machine, but love my older cinema display too much.

Needless to say we all have iPhones too, but it took me forever to finally convert my son away from his Droid.

And so when I need to buy someone in the family a new machine I have an ulterior motive that helps me dig into my pocket, provided they didn’t tear the older one up, and that is I get another one for my collection.

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