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AAPL- The ultimate complement to our Apple Collection

Written By: Scott - Feb• 12•11

Apple collectors like all things Apple- we established that fact already, but there is one among the myriad of Apple/Mac collectibles that is often overlooked. It is valuable and just as fun to collect as any of their vintage machines.

This other Apple “item” we collectors ought to consider is one that might strike you a bit odd, however, it is affordable and doesn’t add to the space problem we encounter with our Macs. No, this item is one we won’t add on the shelf. And yet, it is every bit as collectible as that iMac G4, IIc or even the original Macintosh.

You can’t find it on eBay either. What is it? It’s Apple stock.

OK, so it’s not an everyday Mac collector’s hot pick. And while I don’t offer investment advice here, I do own a small portfolio of AAPL. Aside from the financial perspective, I enjoy owning a small part of my favorite Apple. Stock ownership connects me to this company in a way that one of their cool vintage machines does not.

And while I love Apple’s past, stock ownership allows me to participate in their future. Directly benefiting from their iPad2 (and 3) releases, the bump in revenue from Verizon iPhones, the eventual white iPhone and the craze surrounding it, a real Apple TV I hope/think they are working on and their eventual spending spree of their $60 BILLION war chest, just to name a few.

OK, so collecting their stock is a bit removed from our collecting radar- I know that, but when you consider you can own a share, or two, for about the price of a good Fat Mac, or three or four shares for the price of a TAM, it is an acquisition that is the ultimate complement to an Apple collection.

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