My Favorite Apple


Written By: Scott

My name is Scott King. I’m a Mac Fan and collector of all things Apple. My Favorite Apple is a place I keep my collecting resources, pics, videos and notes about Mac computers and Apple memorabilia.

The other reason for My Favorite Apple is for you- the Apple fan. I’m not trying to sell anything and my site is not an e-commerce site, instead it is for those who enjoy collecting and learning about all the vintage products made by Apple. The particular focus of my collection, and consequently the information here, is their products and IMG_5425machines from the 1980s and 1990s. I particularly love anything with their vintage multi-colored apple logo, as you will see.

As I find things that pique my interest and are helpful to us as collectors, I’ll add them here in my notebook. In the past, I’ve tried tons of apps, bookmarking, saving to folders and other things for organizing this information, but without success. So, what better way to get organized than to create an online Mac collecting notebook.

IMG_9332I don’t know code or how to fix an old computer- and don’t want to, but I do like the older Mac machines and related Apple memorabilia. I also love all their cool new machines and use those everyday.

I enjoy finding products and machines representing the early days of Apple. Steve Jobs was my hero- a visionary rebel. His goal for Apple was to make computing personal, and we can all agree he did. I am fascinated with Apple’s attempts at also making computing portable, beginning with the IIc and the Apple Portable. Steve even foresaw the iPad 30 years before the technology existed to make it.

Vintage Apple WindsockYou won’t find overly technical talk or dry Machine specs here; there are great resources I’ll add or link to for that. My Favorite Apple is my personal notebook as I go about this fun and rewarding hobby of collecting all things Apple.


Feel free to contact me. I enjoy meeting collectors and sharing in their Apple passion too. And, if you are on Pinterest, then come follow my Apple and Steve Jobs boards.