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Alabama Football Rooms

Written By: Scott - Nov• 24•13

BamaDown here in the Heart of Dixie SEC football is big. So big in fact, the ways fans demonstrate their support for their favorite team boarders on fanaticism and obsession.

The other day someone told me about a friend’s “Bama Room.” If you don’t know what this is it is a room decked out with all Alabama stuff- I shook my head as I though just how crazy it is to take a room in your house and dedicate it to a ding dong football team, but then it dawned on me I actually have one too. No, it’s not a football room and yet it is all about to my passion.

Mine is an Apple room. I often jokingly refer to it as my Mac Museum. It really is my home office I’ve customized for my Apple/Mac collection…so I guess having a football room isn’t so crazy after all.


Apple Room

Apple Room

Apple Room

Apple Room


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