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Another really cool Apple collectible is-Squirrel!

Written By: Scott - Mar• 25•11

One of the biggest challenges collectors face is staying focused. Most of the time I feel like Dug…you know the dog in Disney’s UP! He is going about his day doing what dogs do when a squirrel runs by; he loses it, totally forgetting everything except the squirrel. Well, that’s me.

Say I’m searching for a Classic 1st Gen iPod, preferably New In Box 🙂 and out of the corner of my eye I’ll see “Squirrel” and off I go and as a result I now have tons of “related” Apple stuff.

Today, my “Squirrel” is a cool iconic image of the days of the Macintosh Portable. Of all the things Apple I like, the Macintosh Portable ranks right up there. Well, last week I was distracted by a really cool “related” item I had to grab! In fact, I instantly “Bought it Now” off eBay.

What is it? The November 1989 issue of MacUser- the one with the lady floating in the pool using the Macintosh Portable, of course.


While this mag is a squirrel when one collects vintage Apple machines, but I love adding all the original issues to my all things Apple collection.

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Photo Credit: Macintosh Portable-

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