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Apple AirPods release

Written By: Scott - Dec• 18•16

We all know by now Apple announced the release of their cool wireless earbuds they call AirPods and I can’t wait to get my pair. I was disappointed by their initial delay, but understand two things- First, Apple will announce products not totally ready for release and then too, they want to get the new product the best they can before they ship. Well, Apple put them on sale last week and I ordered a pair within seconds of seeing the first news they were finally available to order.

As you know as a collector of all things Apple, I love getting the first gen of any Apple product, but the other reason I wanted these is I HATE wires. It seems I always about jerk my head off while listening to my favorite bands with my in-the-ear red Beats pair.

My daily routine is to check my Stocks app several times to see what’s happening with AAPL and just the market in general. Apple has been moving up over the last two weeks and I’m curious as to where the price is and enjoy watching it bounce. On Tuesday, December 13th about 9:00 CT I checked to see if their stock bounced again at the opening of the market and there I saw several feeds announcing the AirPods were available for order, finally. I jumped to the Apple Store app and with a few clicks, I had them ordered.

The shipping dates have now been pushed back several weeks due to supply and demand. I’ve been through all that several times before. Heck, my iPhone 7 Plus took over a month to deliver. By midday, the news was a several week push back on delivery already. Not wanting to get my hopes up I settled my mind on them coming in after Christmas for sure. I had hoped I’d jumped on ordering them early enough that first day so that I’d get them on the first available delivery date- Wednesday, December 21st.

I’m happy to report I did make the first batch of ready to go AirPods after all. Yesterday at 2:59 PM the Apple Store Shipment Notification came in and confirmed those babies are on their way, and just in time for me to give them to myself for Christmas 🙂

If you haven’t heard Jony making these things sexy, then here you go.


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