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Apple Computer Collection Nightmare

Written By: Scott - Mar• 30•14

Apple RoomMy entire Apple computer and Mac memorabilia collection was gone.

All my old computers, Apple history library of magazines from the 80’s and hard to find old computer books disappeared. Even my Apple note pad and mug collection were gone. All my Apple/Mac extensive t-shirt collection was no more, along with everything else. Now I’ll give you this- not everything in my collection is so rare, that it is irreplaceable, but a lot of the items are in excellent condition, like new- many were still in their factory sealed boxes and had never been opened. For those items it is the condition that makes them such that I’d probably never be able to duplicate what I had.

If you visit MyFavoriteApple you know my home office serves dual purposes- a place I can escape to do whatever work I want to when I’m home and then a place to display my Mac/Apple collection (I jokingly call it my Mac Museum).

Apple RoomAs a collector I learned long ago if you can’t see, and thus enjoy, the items in your collection, then why the heck even have them. Been there, done that. Having your drawers and closets chocked full or boxes stuffed with your “valuables” ain’t no fun. Now granted, I don’t play with my Apples, although I did have power outlets and holes for power cords drilled in the shelves when I had my built-ins installed back a few years ago, but even still I don’t go around turning them on.

Here’s where the nightmare comes in. No, it wasn’t a fire that wiped out my collection or a thief who broke in and stole it, but the result was the same. My entire collection gone- years of hunting and acquiring the Apples of my eye were down the drain. My office was wiped clean. Nothing remained- not even a poster left on the wall-and I was devastated. Think about how that would feel. Well, that’s how I felt- shocked, devastated and totally pissed off.

Here’s the story-

I woke up and put on my robe. As I was tying its belt I noticed the robe was yellow. Thought it was odd, but didn’t think too much more about it then…you see my robe is blue, not yellow. So, as I was finishing tying on my belt I was out of my bedroom and walking down the hall. Immediately, I discovered my wife had our house gutted. Not just emptied of our furniture, but I’m talking even all the interior walls were gone. It looked like one big empty commercial office before it’s built out. A shell.

Looked something like this

Looked something like this

Next to our bedroom is my Mac Museum. There I saw nothing. Just the exterior walls. It was wiped clean. No Apple anything. Even the built-ins I had installed special for my Mac collection were gone. I remember now my first thought was WTF! I turned and saw some guys way down at the other end of the house. They were painters my wife hired to gut and then redo the entire interior. I marched straight towards them. Mad as hell. Where the heck was my Apple stuff, I remember thinking as I approached them. I noticed one of them was on his cell and I overheard him say, “We have a problem, I’ve got to go” and he hung up.

Once I was to the guys I asked, “What the heck did y’all do with all my Apple stuff? It was down there in my office.”  One of them spoke up and said they didn’t know where the stuff was. Then he tells me a different crew gutted the house and probably were the ones who removed the stuff from my office. I remember my mind flooded with thoughts of suing them. I just lost $100,000 worth of Apple stuff (which it really isn’t worth anything like that anyway).

Then he tried to be helpful and said they probably hauled it to the dump and maybe put some in storage, somewhere. I could just imagine trying to dig around the dump to find the stuff.

I was livid. Completely unglued. Could not believe what was happening. My entire Apple/Mac collection was gone.

…and then I woke up.



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