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Apple Credit Card

Written By: Scott - Nov• 14•11

I hate to lose, and I rarely do, but today I did- twice.

I was active in the bidding but just didn’t see the value a few other bidders did. Here’s the description-

“When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984, its price of $1995 (later increased to $2495 due to demand) made it a major purchase for most consumers.  Apple arranged for GE Credit to provide AppleCredit, a store credit card program to enable sales.   This is a sample card that came in the store kit for participating in AppleCredit.”

The Apple collectible- an Apple Credit Card sample. It sold for $113.50.

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One Comment

  1. Robin says:

    I have one of these and another with white at the top and black at the bottom from “Monogram Credit”. What’s their worth?

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