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Apple history is still today

Written By: Scott - Dec• 08•11

One of the aspects of collecting all things Apple making this hobby fun is- I can find resources to help me gain a deeper appreciation for whatever it is I’m adding to my collection. The dots connect so easily-the circumstances, history and people involved.

Case Brothers Cutlery Co., Little Valley, NY c.1900-1915

I come from collecting early American Cutlery Company memorabilia. I see you yawning now, but the point is connecting the dots is virtually impossible. Very little documentation and records exist. Limited history. Folks are dead. Maybe a few old ads and some old knives.

Apple, on the other hand, offers us so much more. The people (designers, executives, employees) who made it all happen are still very much alive (R.I.P.  SJ). Then we have those early The Apple Collection product catalogs for reference. We have extensive online resource info and historically significant video footage of interviews and product launches too- yes, we can actually watch Steve introduce Macintosh back in 1984! Thank God for digital and the Internet!

We are very connected to the early days of Apple. It’s history is still today.

Early Apple Marketing Campaign- "Wheels for the Mind"

In an upcoming post, I want to introduce an individual instrumental in early Apple advertising design and campaigns. I found this individual while searching about the Wheels for the Mind poster I bought recently (while maybe not the Apple 1– it is still extremely valuable to me). Then low and behold, I actually found the very guy who designed it! For some you from the iPhone and iPod generations, this may not seem significant, but if you are a member of the Cult of Mac or a die-hard Machead, then you know this is a really big deal. More than likely you won’t recognize his name, but he’s an Apple’s Who’s Who to me. Remember the early Macintosh logo- well, he had a hand in that too!

The who, what, when, where and how about Apple, their machines and products only further rounds out my appreciation for the Apple items and memorabilia I collect. Connecting the dots makes this hobby so much more fun and rewarding, not to mention in many cases, the items even more valuable too. Examples forthcoming. Til then, Later. SK

Source: Wheels for the Mind photo-

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  1. Adam Rosen says:

    Hi Scott, love the site and your collection! Yes indeed there’s no shortage of stuff to accumulate, and an ongoing need for space/shelves/rooms needed to display it all – I understand the dilemma with my own Mac Museum!

    I’m looking for some info on the Wheels for the Mind graphics, along with the old Mac Picasso logo. Did you ever run your piece on this designer? Could you possibly contact me for a followup?

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