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Apple IIc Monitor/Display TidBit

Written By: Scott - Jan• 07•11

I’m into Apple making personal computing portable and my collection leans heavily that direction- Apple products that are portable.

Apple IIc with Flat Panel Display

The Apple IIc was a early target for me, as it was marketed as Apple’s first portable computer (I know the Macintosh has a handle and there vids showing it carried on a bicycle basket in a tan Apple logo’d carry bag, but Apple clearly promoted the IIc as “portable”).  So far, I have three Apple IIc’s, one with the 9″ monitor, one with the cool Flat Panel Display and the third- not.  (NOTE:  The 9″ is marked “Monitor” on the original factory box, while the Flat Panel is noted as a Display.)

Apple IIc 9" monochrome Monitor

Found an interesting overview of Apple’s history with their monitor/displays- MacLife’s article  Green to Retina: The Complete History of Apple Displays.

Here’s the tidbit from it relative to the IIc monitor/display-

“Perhaps even more important to Apple’s display development, however, was the Apple IIc, released a few months after the Macintosh. It shipped with a detachable 9-inch monochrome CRT that matched the snow white plastic case, but an 11-inch, 560×192, widescreen flat-panel LCD turned the IIc into the first “portable” unit in Apple’s family. Priced at $600 for just 24 lines of text, the DB-15-swappable non-backlit LCD wasn’t exactly a big seller (especially since the IIc still had to be plugged into an outlet), but it set the ball rolling for the first round of truly mobile computers from Apple.”

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