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Let’s go fly a kite- an Apple Kite

Written By: Scott - Nov• 20•11

Early Apple Product Catalogs

Did you know Apple used to produce catalogs of neat Apple stuff? I know most people only think of iPads, iPhones and iPods- and computers, but Apple issued catalogs of items that make up some of the hottest Apple collectibles today.

I’ll post about these catalogs in more detail in the next week, but for now let me show you one piece of Apple memorabilia that is random but still really cool.

The Apple Kite

First offered in Apple’s 1983 Gift catalog, this baby sports the colors and image of the the Apple vintage logo and its tail is 25′ long. It also was offered in later catalogs too (see smaller picture above- look right above the ping pong table).

1983 Apple Gift Catalog Kite

First checking it out- leaned in front of my green iMac- next to the Macintosh TV for perspective

Moving it around trying to find its spot- this won't work. I'll figure it out later.

These kites are rare but do come on eBay from time to time Typically they sell from $100 to $150 depending on condition, etc.

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