My Favorite Apple

Apple logo sailboard

Written By: Scott - Jan• 02•13

Wouldn’t this Apple be great in our collection? Might be a problem displaying it though, so sometimes the best thing is to fight the urge to hunt one down to buy and simply be content with a picture.

So here it is from the 1985 The Apple Collection Catalog.

Sailboard The Apple Collection Catalog 1985


“For beginners and seasoned sailors alike, the F2 American Lightning Sailboard offers superior equipment for the most exhilarating of sports. Constructed of ultralight impact-resistant epoxy carbon, this board combines speed with highwind maneuverability. Adjustable footstraps and daggerboard provide comfort and control. Included are two polyester-reinforced ripstop Mylar sails- a 6.0 square meter powerhead and a 5.0 square meter sail with a gigantic Apple logo. Sailboard #0205. $995”

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