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Apple Macintosh Cube Notepad

Written By: Scott - Mar• 10•13


I know it’s not a word usually associated with Apple branded products, but that’s exactly the best word to describe today’s featured Apple collectible.  I only became aware of this particular Apple a couple of years ago. I don’t remember where I saw it the first time, but I immediately decided I was going to find me one…or two, if they were still out there and not used up.


Don’t freak out- this notepad was partially used when I got it, but I do use it.

Most Apples are opened and used, or at least partially. If it’s an old machine, that’s one thing, but others when they are opened get used up, and in the case of  Apple notepads- jot a note, rip the sheet. Day by day it gets used up. One day, it’s gone.

Apple made several different varieties of notepads and some simply had their logo. Those are nice but they aren’t the coolest ones. No, I’m talking about notepads made to be replicas of their early desktop computer models. Thankfully too, Apple made one to resemble the original Macintosh. The detail is phenomenal- all sides perfectly match the actual machine, down to the scuzzy ports. The rear label and emblems all are true to the machines. It’s like a 3-D printing, except with the use of each thin sheet that replicated a slither of the machine, the computer gets used up. The earliest one I found was in the 1986 Apple Catalog Collection.

Well, I’ve now found a few unopened sealed Apple machine design cube notepads and they rate up there with my most favorite Apples. So far I have the Macintosh, SE and Macintosh Classic. Word is Apple made a Macintosh Plus notepad too, but I haven’t seen it yet.  UPDATE: I can confirm visual confirmation of the Macintosh Plus notepad. 3.22.13


My Apple Notepad Collection


See, I told you they are cute 🙂

Update: June 2015. I got me the Macintosh Plus cube notepad.


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  1. DC says:

    What is your estimation is a fair market value for the original Macintosh Cube Notepad still in shrink wrap?

    • Scott says:

      Value is subjective. The original Mac notepad to me is the most valuable and to find it brand new, still in its original shrink wrap makes it almost priceless. But I’m a Mac guy and anything going back to it has significant value. You also have to consider its rarity. I dare say there are many still brand new in its original shrink wrapping. My guess though, to answer your question, would be $150.00.

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