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Apple moves us into the Post-PC era

Written By: Scott - Mar• 05•11

It is so rare to actually catch a glimpse of times changing, but it happened this week. Apple called it. And I caught it. Yes, we are entering the Post-PC era. The cheese moved.

Apple made a major effort to point we have now moved into a new computer era-called the Post- PC era. Here’s what Steve Jobs said when he introduced Apple’s newest innovation- the iPad 2.

“A lot of folks in tablet market are looking at this as the next PC, hardware and software done by different companies, and their talking about speeds and feeds, just as they did with PCs. Apple’s experience says that that’s not the right approach; these are post-PC devices that need to more intuitive.”

Just the fact Apple’s calling our attention to it- moved the industry, at the moment he announced it. I felt it and it felt good!

And as it relates to collectors- we’re going to have some super-cool gadgets to add to our collections. My iPad 1 is moving into mine as soon as I can get my hands on a 2- problem is I don’t know which color to get. 🙂

Here’s what other’s are saying about Apple’s move. Engadget, PCMag, TechRepublic, WSJ, TabletPCReview, TGDaily

PhotoCredit: TGDaily

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