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Apple Rumor- Apple Tennis Shoes

Written By: Scott - Jan• 31•16

Folks make huge bucks in the Apple rumor mill. Apple is so secretive everyone is trying their darndest to figure out what the company is up to. I follow dozens of Apple news sites and find it humorous watching everyone fall all over each other trying to get the scoop.

I particularly got a chuckle last week over a rumor, or maybe it was more speculation. The thing thatApple Computer Sneaker Shoes I found funny was it involved one of my Apples in my collection. I was scrolling through my Facebook and the story caught my eye. It was about the Apple tennis shoes, or sneakers, if you prefer.

I linked the story to my Facebook page admitting to my friends that I owned a pair. They already know I Think Different so sometimes I just stir it up for fun.

Later that day, I clicked through to the story again and realized the writer said they couldn’t find the owner of that pair. I thought that was a bit odd and then realized the article asserted that there had only been one pair made by Apple. A prototype. And they know they sold on eBay some years ago. The kicker was the line “and no one knows who owns them.”

Yep, you guessed it. I emailed the writer informing her that I owned a pair and did buy them off eBay several years ago, but that my pair wasn’t the only ones. I’ve seen two other pair on eBay over the years. I also told her I don’t think Apple ever offered them for sale to the public, plus I’ve not found them being offered in any of their merchandise catalogs from the 80s and 90s.

Another theory I read is that these shoes were produced by Apple and given to employees which is why so few are still around. That makes sense.

The writer then changed the article removing the statement that ‘no one knows who owns them” and now credits yours truly as the owner. 🙂 And according to her article, the guy I bought my pair from was an Apple employee. Who knows.

What I do know is my pair has never been worn. They remain brand new, old Apple tennis shoes.


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