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Apple thinks different- the G4 Cube

Written By: Scott - Mar• 08•11

The Cube- 8X8X8Grabbed me another one today. Yeap, I love cool Apple machines and this one resulted from some different thinking that’s for sure.

Power Macintosh G4 Cube

The Cube was introduced in January 2000 and on the market about a year. Its elegant design made it eye-catching. Talk about Mod and at the time it started at $1799. It boasted processor speeds of 450 and 500 MHz.

Got me the Apple Studio 15″ Flat Panel Display to go with it too!

I’ll save the specs, but have to say- this is one cool/ultra modern machine for its time.

Check out this rocking Apple commercial for the Cube.

To put the Cube in historical perspective- Apple does that with this promotional vid

Photo Credit: G4 Cube- Apple, Inc.; Apple Flat Panel Studio Display-

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