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Apple Time Capsule

Written By: Scott - May• 03•15

An Apple Time Capsule Opening

Imagine opening time capsule boxes filled with rare Apple goodies, many of which date back to their early Lisa/Macintosh days, and having no clue at the time what’s inside.

Well, that’s exactly what I experienced and it was a trip. The story is this- a gentleman named Bert contacted me about his Apple stuff and wanted to know if I wanted it, said he really hated throwing it all away.

Did I want it? 🙂 He said I could have it all if I’d only cover the shipping. He knew I collected all things Apple and wanted me to have it.

To non-computer collector folks 30 year old stuff doesn’t sound old, but in computer years it’s like 100.

One of the aspects I like about computer history, and Apple’s more particularly, is not just the machines; no, it’s the documents, the manuals, the product catalogs, the first edition Mac mags, and even the mags reviewing Apple’s early machines, along with non-computer industry mags Apple bought 20 page Macintosh advertising spreads.

Needless to say, Bert’s time capsule was filled with just what I hoped.


As I have time over the next few weeks, I’ll feature many of these artifacts in more detail, as well as include them in the photo gallery of my collection.

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