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Apples and Auctions- a dangerous combination

Written By: Scott - Dec• 31•16

Recently, an auctioneer friend of mine tagged me in a FaceBook post about an Apple collectible that was in a large auction he was conducting. It was an Apple External 5.25 Drive. I was familiar with the drive and have one in my collection. The thing that piqued my interest though was the drive is new and still factory sealed, as was the owner’s manual, and had its original box. Collectors know this is what’s called a New in Box (NIB) Apple collectible. No, it wasn’t a factory sealed NIB Apple because the box had been opened, but was brand new nonetheless.

Now add to the equation it was selling at auction- a dangerous combination.

I’m alway interested in the backstory of old Apples because in some cases it adds value. Here’s what he said. “Just found them in a storage shed today. This lady was an educator from Michigan. Lots of this stuff has been stored since ’96”.

So here you have a brand new Apple in a country auction out in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.  I doubted there’d be any Apple collectors in attendance so I thought I might get a deal. Needless to say, had he called me to tell me he found one “for sale,” I’d passed, but at auction, well that’s another matter entirely. Let’s say I’m a sucker for a bargain…guess it’s the 100 years of auctioneering in my blood.

Game on. We worked out the details for my absentee bid (there was no cell service in the area so I absentee bid) and the rest is history, and yes, as you probably guessed I was the highest bidder. I haven’t asked him the details of how the bidding went down. All I know is it sold at my proxy and being an auctioneer myself, my guess is it opened at my number. 😉

Got it in the other day and can report- it is a jewel. No, disk drives don’t necessary turn me on, but NIB Apples do. I’m always amazed people buy things they never open.

I’m leaving it sealed, but did take it out of its box.

Thanks Junior Staggs!

For the last couple of hours, I did a deep search and found the history of Apple’s drives to be very interesting. I wanted to summarize it but decided I couldn’t do it justice.

Here are the links for you and me for later reference.

Apple 5.25″ Drive (A9M0107)

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