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Apple’s iBook G3

Written By: Scott - Apr• 28•13

As Apple collectors we all know the revolutionary and yummy iMac G3, but did you know it has a little brother?

ibook_blue_handYep, in 1999 and only a year after the introduction of the iMac, the iBook G3 was unveiled to the world. At the time the iBook was the most anticipated Apple announcement yet. Informally known as the “Clamshell,” the iBook was a significant departure from previous portable computer designs. It was unique with its bright colors, incorporation of a handle into the casing, lack of a hinged cover over the external ports, and built-in wireless networking. Needless to say, it was really cool. I promised no techie specs here at myfavoriteapple so for the folks who just like to appreciate what Apple does best without the need to look under the hood, here you go.

In case you are wondering why the iBook flashback today, well I added the iBook’s original marketing brochure from 1999 to my collection. 🙂

Apple's iBook brochure front cover

Apple's iBook brochure inside

Apple's iBook brochure back cover

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  1. Bryan Chang says:

    Nice post! I also have the version with the orange iBook:

  2. Scott says:

    Hey Bryan- like the Apple promo brochures you have. But now I know there is the orange iBook brochure take one….and you know what that means.

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