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A better place to put my Macs

Written By: Scott - Dec• 29•10

One of the interesting aspects of collecting Macs is the need for space and a way to display them. I know collectors who have tables lining their walls crammed full with each machine plugged-in ready to turn on.

Gotta start somewhere- plastic folding tables

My approach is a bit different- while I do have a “home office” where I do my more serious Mac stuff (usually I just sit in front the fire in the living room using my new MacBook Air or iPad), I’ve found my initial set-up of folding plastic tables isn’t quite what I want to “show off” my collection. Additionally, as it grows, which it will this week by 3 new old machines, I don’t have enough space for more tables.

So, starting yesterday, I’ve having “built-ins” built-in. Actually, I saved a grand by taking some built in shelves my brother just pulled out of his house and putting them in my office. I’m hiring a crown molding guy to customize them to fit into and match the molding in this room though, so it’ll not be a free set of shelves after all.

Uninstalled Built-in wall shelves

Probably still going to take a couple of weeks for the installation and customization to get finished, but I’m on my way to having a decent place to put my Macs, plus I now can see them from my desk 🙂

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