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Apples and Auctions- a dangerous combination

Recently, an auctioneer friend of mine tagged me in a FaceBook post about an Apple collectible that was in a large auction he was conducting. It was an Apple External 5.25 Drive. I was familiar with the drive and have one in my collection. The thing that piqued my interest though was the drive is new […]

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Steve Jobs Collection Auction

Collectors of all things Apple hunt for the rare and especially one of a kind representations of the early Apple days. Harder to find still are any items used or owned by Steve. Last week a friend and fellow auctioneer who sells all types of celebrity goodies sent me a text informing me he was auctioneering […]

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Games People Play

One of the most frustrating things about collecting all things Apple is once I’ve found the Apple of my eye the seller’s price is totally unrealistic. I’m not just talking about a seller wanting a premium. No, I’m talking about a seller who is substantially above what the item is worth. Well, that’s where I […]

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Apple Credit Card

I hate to lose, and I rarely do, but today I did- twice. I was active in the bidding but just didn’t see the value a few other bidders did. Here’s the description- “When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984, its price of $1995 (later increased to $2495 due to demand) made it a major […]

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eBay, Auctions & Apple’s Director Chairs

I tried to add another vintage Apple’s Director Chair to my collection today, but I let it get away. It was an eBay auction. Buying off of eBay can be frustrating. I don’t mind the auction format- no, I’m an auctioneer by profession and heritage, so it isn’t that. But I don’t like eBay’s auction […]

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