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One thing leads to another- Apple Computer Design History

My Saturday mornings usually start with me doing fun stuff – usually computer oriented Apple reading, writing and research. Dorky, but fun, nonetheless. This morning was about Apple’s early fonts, and particularly, the Apple Garamond typeface. Very dorky, I know, but this project started as a result of my new addition to my Apple collection, my new, old Apple denim […]

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Leander Kahney’s Biography on Jony Ive

Whether you are an old Mac Head or a new Apple fan, you’ll love Jony Ive- The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products. I’ll admit, I’m not typically into biographies and haven’t even finished Steve Jobs. I prefer the history of the early days of Apple instead..and in case you are still picking yourself off the […]

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The First Apple by Bob Luther

Last night I finished the first Apple, written by Apple-1 collector Bob Luther. While it started a bit slow and I was surprised at the book’s format, but by midway, the interview style it was written in hooked me. Now don’t expect a page turner, we’re talking about computer history here. Bob came by an […]

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Steve Jobs 1985 Playboy Interview

Clearly, Steve Jobs had a flair for the dramatic. He enjoyed trying to describe the future technology and its application for us. And while he is a bit vague in a few answers in this 1985 Playboy interview, it is still very impressive how his vision is spot on regardless of whether it is as a […]

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Apple Reading List Link

My Favorite Apple is a journal for my hobby of collecting all things Apple. I wanted a place to keep my notes, quick jots, pics, videos and records together in a central place. I realized too there are Apple fans who might enjoy collecting Apple and who can relate with my pursuit of Apple memorabilia […]

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Mac Books: The Cult of Mac

I’d be remise if I didn’t note my favorite books about Apple, the Mac and all things in between. My all time favorite is The Cult of Mac by Leander Kahney. I like it so much I just bought a second copy- the hardback! Yes, I have a collection of Mac books too 🙂 The […]

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