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Vintage Apple T-Shirts

Did you know old Apple t-shirts are an Apple collector fan fav? They are, and I must confess I also love these old markers of Apple’s days gone by. You might be surprised to learn these babies have been collectibles for a long time and there are extensive collections out there. In fact, there aren’t many […]

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Rebels without a cause

There is peace in the valley. The seas are calm; the ship is now upright. Steve changed the world, just like he wanted—one person at a time. We know too, we can change things, just like he said—we are the rebels and we Think Different now. And Apple, the underdog, won. The threats have subsided: IBM. Microsoft. […]

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One More Thing- Apple’s Watch

Last Tuesday I too tuned in for Apple’s Special Event. It reeked nostalgia from the get-go for me because of its venue- the Flint Center there in Cupertino. MacHeads all know this location. It’s the place in 1984 where Steve introduced Macintosh to the world. Then upon his return to Apple after being ousted, he once again went back to Flint for the unveiling […]

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My Favorite Apple facebook page

My Favorite Apple started a facebook page on Nov. 2nd, 2011. I’m having a blast, posting tidbits, updates and daily musings, without the requirement of writing full blown journal entries here. It started because I have requlary posted on my personal fb about all things Apple. A few friends supported them, some tolerated the posts […]

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