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Apple Rumor- Apple Tennis Shoes

Folks make huge bucks in the Apple rumor mill. Apple is so secretive everyone is trying their darndest to figure out what the company is up to. I follow dozens of Apple news sites and find it humorous watching everyone fall all over each other trying to get the scoop. I particularly got a chuckle last week over a […]

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Pinterest- a treasure trove of Apple stuff

One of the reasons I started myfavoriteapple was to have a place to archive my notes, research and findings, pictures and videos of items in my Apple collection. The web is too “big” to find everything, if you could, and while search engines help me find stuff related to Apple, I wanted this information more […]

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My Favorite Apple facebook page

My Favorite Apple started a facebook page on Nov. 2nd, 2011. I’m having a blast, posting tidbits, updates and daily musings, without the requirement of writing full blown journal entries here. It started because I have requlary posted on my personal fb about all things Apple. A few friends supported them, some tolerated the posts […]

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