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Written By: Scott - Feb• 04•13

“Are you using this one anymore?” That’s what I ask my family when I’ve seen an Apple machine either laying around the house for a while or one I know that isn’t being used much anymore. You know what I want- to add it to my Apple collection.

I acquire additions for my collection two ways- I buy them to go straightaway in the collection and/or through attrition.

So, when is the right time for me to snatch one of our Apples? I mean right now we have an original iPad I’m dying to get my grubby hands on to put on my shelf. It rarely gets used.  And it’s just not the same for me to know it is laying around the house either- no, I want it “in the collection.” Crazy, I know, but what can I say?

my machines_edited-1

White iMac on left and original iPad on the right, while my daughter uses her MacBook Pro

We also have an older 2006 20″ white iMac desktop I had all but confiscated when one of my daughters (who has a MacBook Pro) said she wanted it for her room. Of course, then my bride chirped in wanting me to let her have it. So, I lost that one for a few more years and as of this morning, she has the iPad too.

The original iPad is a must have as soon as possible- I mean come on. It’s virtually obsolete 🙂 plus, there are hardly even any apps on it and no one has even changed the default desktop image. This is the one I bought for the family immediately when it first came out. I had bought me one too, but gave it to a friend when their house (and her computer) was destroyed by a tornado a couple of years ago. It was the right thing to do, but that makes me need the family one all the more. The iPad is significant because it’s Apple’s first foray into tablets. It’s like owning the first Macintosh Portable…well almost.

2006 White MacBookAnd then the other jewel I’m trying to grab is a 13″ white MacBook from late 2006. My youngest daughter rarely uses it, plus she just got a Mini for Christmas. On top of that next year is her senior year of high school and we always get our kids a new Mac for graduation. Maybe I can work a trade.

Regardless, all I’m wanting to do it keep these machines, you know, safe and the best place to do that is on one of my shelves- in my collection.



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  1. Herb Patterson says:

    Would you want to buy my G4 Cube? see picture on my facebook profile picture.

    macherb since 1985

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