My Favorite Apple

Collecting All Things Apple

Written By: Scott

Collecting all things Apple is fun and rewarding. Some folks have beenScreen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.22.13 AM Apple/Mac fans and collectors for decades, while others have just drunk the Kool-Aid. And while collecting “things” from Apple might be a bit nerdy and a little outside the social norm, they way I look at it is, like Steve Jobs once said, I’d rather be a pirate than in the Navy.

I’ve been a serious collector for over twenty years and along the way have learned many valuable lessons – some good and some not so good.

My goal here is to offer tips on a variety of topics from how to decide on your collection direction, determining the value of Apple collectibles, where to buy, authenticity of the items, and then first steps to take all the way to the best approach once you’ve decided to sell. I’ll outline these tips and suggestions to these topics and many others here and subsequent subpages. Also, check out the MyFavoriteApple search Categories on the homepage, as well as using keyword terms in the Search box there too.

The following pages overview valuable tips and suggestions to make your pursuit of our hobby of collecting all things Apple the most enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this information helpful.