My Favorite Apple

Getting Started

Written By: Scott

As you probably can imagine there are dozens of directions your Apple collection can go.IMG_5425 Oftentimes, we start a collection unintentionally from all the “things” we’ve bought and used over the years. While other times, we make a conscious decision to start acquiring items we want to collect.

The first tip is this: Start with what you like and can afford, whether it is iPods or Apple mugs. The key is begin with items that get you excited. The reason you like them is really beyond the scope of Getting Started, but maybe you used them back when you were a kid or because you just think they are cool. Either way, don’t just buy things because you think you’ll make money one day when you sell them- this is investing and I don’t suggest you view your collection as an investment. Yes, one day you may sell them for more than you paid, but my recommendation is not to begin a collection with this as your goal.

Collecting is a hobby. It’s supposed to be fun, and while I know making money can be fun too, just take my word for it, don’t let that be the primary goal you have when buying Apple things.

I also suggestion you head over to eBay and spend time scrolling through the thousands of Apple items. This is a great place to see all things Apple and begin to see what piques your interest.

  1. Do you already have a start on a collection direction from the Apple items you’ve already bought or have been given? Consider this as a possible direction for now.
  2. Find items that you find interesting or exciting. I have several “mini-collections” or themes to my overall collection. I like Apple’s early days of making computing mobile. I have a old mug collection going too, as well as an Apple notepad collection- honestly, there are hundreds of directions you can take.
  3. Don’t jump into buying too soon. Spend time looking and researching.
  4. Best if you buy what you like, instead of viewing your collection as an investment.
  5. Decide upon the objective. Is it to end up with every variation and model, or just to collect the oldest ones in a broad category? Like the first iPod or evey iPod ever made, or maybe just from the first one you owned through today. Think about it and establish a plan. Trust me. If you don’t you’ll end up with a hodgepodge of Apple stuff. But if having a variety of Apple items, with no real direction or pattern, is what you want, then go for it.
  6. Consider your budget- sorry but the real world does come into play here.
  7. Do you want to collect modern Apple things, like all the models and variations of the iPad or iPhone, or maybe their vintage Apple collectibles? I know one collector who has every laptop/PowerBook Apple made, for example. How about not going after computers/iDevices at all but, instead, going after the more vintage items, like mugs, pens, pins, notepads, old t-shirts and/or clothing, or maybe it’s Apples old watches (non-smart) from the 80s/90s?
  8. Think about if you want to display your collection or not? If so, where? I had to ‘steal’ a room in my house, I call it my office, but I made it my Apple/Mac Museum and had built-in shelves made with holes drilled for power cords down to the power outlets. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just consider it – sooner than later. Might be shelf in your bedroom or on your dresser. I also keep certain items on display at my work office for conversation pieces.

why so seriousI don’t mean to take all the fun out of it, but these are some of the considerations I suggest you think about. But truth be told, I didn’t start this way. I just started buying all things Apple I liked and that spoke to me, which is why I now offer these tips to you.