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Collecting expert now declares the 1980’s collectible

Written By: Scott - Jan• 04•11

Collecting Macs is just one little niche’ in the greater Collectibles World and I’m always curious how those folks view our hobby. Things that are old tend to be viewed as collectible, not items from only a couple of decades ago. Typically demand for “newer” items many times turn out to only be a fad- i.e.., Bennie Babies, Pokemon cards, etc.

Collectors remain captivated by antique household items from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, according to Country Sampler January 2010 issue

So, I was very interested to see one of the well-known experts on collecting declare items from the 1980’s as collectible. No, I know we don’t need some expert to tell us that it is not acceptable to collect things from that decade, but to see the Collectible World declare this time period as now collectible is very interesting.

“…for the first 30 years of anything’s life, all its value is speculative—1980s objects are now entering the collectibles sector of the antiques market. Early 1980s objects have achieved a stable and trustworthy secondary resale value. By 2030, 2040 at the latest, 1980s objects will be antiques.” Harry Rinker in The ’80’s are the New ‘Old

The way I’ve always looked at it relative to Macs and Apple products is this- measuring time for technology advancements is kinda like Dog Years- they can’t simply be measured in calendar years as we normally think. In other words, the ’80’s is like the late 1800’s. Computer technology moves so fast that machines from the 80’s are dinosaurs, so to speak, and are highly collectible- especially when you throw in Macs.

But now the Collecting World is declaring things from the ’80’s as officially collectible and this only means more folks who really aren’t Mac fans, per se, are going to be looking our way. All this is at a time I already sense demand for the early Apple is increasing.

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