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Written By: Scott - Mar• 23•13

New in the box old factory sealed Apple

One of the top items on my Apple Bucket list isn’t really a particular Apple, instead it’s anything from the early days of Apple unopened and still in its factory sealed packaging. While this may sound like an impossible task, you might be surprised the items out there never opened by the original owner and that are still basically new.

I don’t know why I am in awe every time I find a still sealed Apple, but the thought of someone buying and never opening it just blows me away.

My recent find of the sealed Macintosh cube notepads got me once again thinking about factory sealed Apples. Here are a few of my finds so far.

Discovering an old Apple someone never opened, but stored away, and then not eventually opened by a family member or tossed in the trash, absolutely amazes me.

I will say too, the prices of some of the sealed Apples are impressive. For example, the first iPod (scroll wheel) was produced in 2002, which really isn’t that long ago and yet, to get a new one in its factory sealed box today will run into the thousands, if you can find one.

I think you can see the appeal new unopened vintage Apples have to collectors. And while I have yet to jump into a sealed iPod, what I simply couldn’t resist was an even older machine.

NEW Apple IIc 1985 Portable Computer Set SEALED BOXES aIn December of 2010, I was scrolling through eBay listings of Apple stuff and ran across this- NEW Apple IIc 1985 Portable Computer Set. And to make this collectible even more fantastic- it was still in its factory sealed box (as were the other components in the auction- a 9″ green monitor and stand).

Back around the time the original Mac was introduced, Apple rolled out the Apple IIc– its first attempt to make a portable computer. I have a particular interest in Apple’s history of making computing portable, so this find was over-the-top significant.

And just for fun, I did a typical “Opening” video, but it was only of me opening the boxes the sealed boxes were shipped in. Obviously, I won’t be breaking the seals on these babies.


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  1. Tim Caroline says:

    I have a complete set of the Think Different posters that were sent out to educators. I have the original box, letters, unopened posters (30), and even the original sheet of bubble wrap! Any idea what kind of value they would have?

    • Scott says:

      Tim. Sorry for the enormous delay. Thought I already replied.
      Price/values vary- some are worth more than others, although most are in decent supply. eBay is the best place to gauge demand/values.

  2. Tom Edouard Allen says:

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has any MacBook white from 2010 sealed, and iPad 4 128gb sealed if you have contact me.

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