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Handy Utility Program- MacTracker

Written By: Scott - Jan• 07•11

One of my go-to app’s I use most everyday is also one of my favorites. It is a well written, very functional program listing of all Apple products, their specs, year introduced and when it was discontinued, along with reams of other helpful specs and information- on a per machine basis.

Sounds kinda of dry, does it? I’m not saying I just sit there and study it, although I have- no, I use it as a utility.

Say I’m searching eBay for a iBook Clamshell and my search is fruitful returning a handful of choices to consider. Of the choices, I want to know which one is the first generation, or first color this cute machine was made in. I immediately launch this handy-dandy app MacTracker.

It is highly organized database. It is easy to use and offers more info than the average collector will want. Click to enlarge

Every Mac Collector's dream utility

Bottom-line: MacTracker is a free app for Mac Fans to identify each machine Apple made and everything you’ll want to know, including pics. Check it out- MacTracker. The desktop version is the best, although the iPad/iPhone version provides the basics.

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