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Happy Birthday Mac!

Written By: Scott - Jan• 18•11

Steve and Macintosh

Twenty-seven years ago Steve Job’s rolled out Macintosh and the world’s not been the same since.

Apple’s lunge to make computers personal started here with making this computer for everyone- gone were the days of forcing us to use the typewriter- like “command line” to tell the machine what to do.

Macintosh allowed the user to point and click with a window, icons and mouse system.

That first $2,500 Macintosh- the “computer for the rest of us”- helped folks everywhere realize you didn’t have to be a hard-core geek to own and benefit from a personal computer.

Before the Macintosh hit the streets, the personal computer, or any computer at all, was usable by only a few hundred thousand people on the planet — just too geeky, scary, and complicated for an average human being.  How the Mac changed the world, by John Martellaro

Thanks to all the dreamers at Apple

And Happy Birthday Mac!

Want to relive the moment- then watch Steve introduce Macintosh for the first time ever.

I’ll bet you’ll get cold chills too.

Photo credit: Steve and Mac- Bernard Gotfryd/Getty Images

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