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Happy Birthday Macintosh

Written By: Scott - Jan• 24•14

Mac is 30 today.


I’ll update this post linking Mac’s 30th anniversary stories from across the web.

Apple’s own tribute to Macintosh

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 8.11.21 PM

Steve unveils Macintosh

Remembering 30 Years Of Mac, This Week On The CultCast

Apple’s Original “1984” Macintosh Commerical

The Macintosh Is 30, and I Was There for It’s Birth, by Steven Levy

The Macintosh And 30 Years Of Changing How We Think About Our Work- Forbes

Great List of Macintosh Links- Everything You Need To Know About Mac’s 30th Birthday-Cult of Mac

What the first Macintosh ad looked like– TUAW

30 Apple people who made the Mac– Macworld UK

Apple executives on the Mac at 30: The Mac keeps going on forever-Macworld

Original Mac designer Susan Kare on how everyday objects made computing personal-thenextweb

Original Macintosh

And while not in celebration of Mac’s 30th B’day, per se, but an excellent all around Macintosh favorite by Andy Herzfeld.

And last but not least, if you wonder what all the hoopla is about- this picture tells the story, totally.

Now which would you rather try to use between the IBM PC (left, OBVIOUSLY) or Macintosh (right :) )

Now which would you rather try to use between the IBM PC (left) or Macintosh (right 🙂 )

Photo Credit: Norman Seeff (Steve and Macintosh), Mac’s graphical user interface vs IBM PC’s:

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