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Written By: Scott - Dec• 27•12

“Nerd Alert”- that’s what my son yelled out when I found my Apple collection listed in The Most Insane Apple Collections Of All Evolve List of Apple CollectionsTime.

Actually, it struck me funny cause my collection is modest compared to most of the others on the list. I found this list when I was searching Tadataka Goh, a Japanese jazz bassist who is perhaps the world’s biggest collector of Apple-branded goods. The list was issued by Evolve. It was pretty cool to see my shelf and Mac Banner used as the article’s main photo.

Then the story was picked up by Complex The 25 Craziest Apple Computer Collections.

Craziest Apple Computer Collections

Several of the other collections are owned by collectors I know of, and they are- not that it is a competition- several tens of thousands of dollars invested ahead of me, which is fine with me considering I have three kids in college right now.


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