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It’s a bird, plane- No, it’s Apple’s UFO

Written By: Scott - Feb• 06•11

If you don’t think Apple has a sense of humor, then you need to Think Different 🙂

All we have to do is look to its flying saucer of a WiFi router released in 1999- the original. Actually, I think it’s cool and bought one just because.

Its official name is- The Graphite AirPort Base Station.

Check out Apple’s ad depicting the AirPort as a flying saucer in Watch the Skies.

MacTracker notes- “In 1999, Apple released parallel to the new iBooks its new networking technology Airport. It was a wireless LAN network with up to 11 Mbps. The Base Station was basically an ethernet hub and modem router for sharing the internet connection between Macs in the Airport wireless network.”

Resources: Apple AirPort Wikipedia;; Pic: HubPages; Video: shadowlock

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