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Mac Collector Ken Wesson

Written By: Scott - Jan• 30•11

Today’s featured Mac Collector is Ken Wesson.

Ken has a fantastic collection of vintage Apple machines and was featured on an episode of the ABC COLLECTORS Show. COLLECTORS showcases an extraordinary procession of people and the things they collect.

Ken commented on his interview on Australia’s

“The show was on the 80s – so I lined up the Apple II+, IIe, IIc and IIgs and the Macintosh, Mac Plus and Mac II as the principal machines. They didn’t want to know details, but rather just to have viewers experience feelings like “I remember that one” etc. Certainly things that would impress me like a Second Sight card in the IIgs or an 040 accelerator in an SE/30 were way beyond the scope. (Not that I have either of those specific examples).

Even with that restricted domain, they filmed for 5 hours for a segment that was under 3 minutes. I have to admit to a fair degree of apprehension about how it was going to be put together seeing even at the end of the filming they didn’t seem to understand at all than an Apple computer and a Macintosh were fundamentally different machines.”

Check out A Little Apple History- This Collector’s Personal Perspective where Ken describes his collection with more detail. Good Mac stuff!

video credit: decryption256

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  1. Stephen Williams says:

    Hey Ken, I just watched your clip on your apple computer collection on youtube – very impressive. I bet you would love to get your hands on the Apple I. By the way we went to Sydney University together. I just read the Isaac Walterson biography of Steve Jobs. What an amazing guy! Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well.

    All the best,


  2. Zefi Tritsiniotis says:

    Hi Ken,
    Hope you are keeping well and that the G4 Cube is still going…..

    If you are interested I have another old Apple that you could have.

    It is a 20” G5 IMac optioned up to 2gHz 2gb RAM and 500gb HDD with original packaging.

    Just let me know and we should be able to arrange something.


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