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Mac Collectors- Hunters & Gatherers

Written By: Scott - Jan• 19•11

Mac collectors are extremely passionate folks. We see it. We want it. We grab it. Hunters and Gatherers we are- purely driven by our “needs.”

But before we impulsively grab that new trophy to add to our collection, we ought to take pause for  a moment to consider a few things.

First, let’s be careful we aren’t rushing right in without knowing what we are getting into.

Let’s take for example- you know the other day I told you I am in love with Lisa: Apple’s Lisa was made in three models. The original Lisa in 1983, then the Lisa 2, followed by the final model- the XL. So, before I get involved with her I have to ask: Am I prepared to deal with the ramifications of buying this machine, like can I afford it? 🙂 And if I “invest” this kind of money right now am I going to have my hands tied possibly missing out on something else I find? Also, am I going to be satisfied with just one of the models or am I going to want all three?

I know this cerebral approach might take some of the fun out of it- and we do like the passion of the moment. And yet, experience has shown we have to think about these things, even if for just a moment.

So before we jump in and grab another old machine, we need to consider-

  • How does this purchase fit into my collection? Is adding this machine equivalent to starting a mini-collection within my collection (starting a Lisa collection, for example) or is it consistent with the direction of my collection?
  • Are there other models of this machine? If so, is it likely I’ll want them too and be able to find them?
  • If it will result in a new direction (mini-collection), how much is the likely investment to add this new line of machines?
  • What resources are available to help me know what I am buying and to help me determine if each machine is a fully workable authentic machine with original parts and accessories?
  • Are there other accessories, cables, parts or software I will want/need as a result of this purchase?  If so, how hard/easy will it be to locate and acquire those items?
  • If I don’t have a working knowledge of the machine, then is there someone I can ask to help me consider or check out the machine before I purchase it (granted buying a $75 old machine might not warrant all this, but if we’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and/or are starting a new collection within our collection and significant sums will ultimately be required- that’s another matter)?
  • What about the trustworthiness of the seller and particulars of each transaction?
  • And then, where am I going to put this addition to my collection? Am I going to display it, or just stick it in my closet?

Bottom-line note to self: Stay focused. Don’t let the emotions of the moment totally take over. Think about the implications of the purchase. Do my homework enough to avoid costly and disappointing mistakes…or maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and grab it anyway- just cause I wanted to.

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