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Mac Museum is expanding

Written By: Scott - Jan• 13•12

My shelves were full. I had stuff in drawers and stuck behind other things Apple. I needed more shelf space.

There is an old country store a few miles from my house. It’s opened and closed several times since the 1940’s. On one side of this old single story, wood frame store is a semi-open storage area where I spotted a perfect display for some of my Apple collection. It was wood and old. Nothing fancy, but just the thing.

Two challenges presented themselves, three actually. I had to get the current store owner to agree to part with it. Then I had to get it home. Finally, I couldn’t make more waves about my Apple stuff on the home-front. My wife of 26 yrs is into getting rid of junk and clutter. Me, I’m a collector. An accumulator. And I need more shelf space for my valuables 🙂

Long story short- I got it.


old country grocery store display shelf


After – just put some things on it to get a feel for how it looks… although I do like the portables on the top- the Apple IIc (1984), Macintosh Portable (1989) and then the PowerBook 100 (1991).

 I had to paint it to match my built-in shelves on the other wall.

Oh yeah- you may remember that corner is where I had my original Macintosh, well I moved him to a perfect little spot.

Original Macintosh 1984


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  1. Mark Johnson says:

    I’m sure you’ll fill that up in no time Scott!

  2. Ron Mora says:

    This site is a great idea! You should post more pictures of your collections.

  3. Paul E. Scott says:

    Hi Scott,
    During the early Mac World shows (late 80s-early 90s) I found it fun to collect (yes I’m with you, I love collecting stuff,) the coffee mugs of companies on the periphery of the Mac world. Companies like Aldus, Radius, Mac Week Magazine, Letraset, and Tops (the largest Black owned Apple franchise, located in South LA, at the time I believe. They went bankrupt and I was there for the auction.) There are quite few more mugs, actually. They happily adorned a wall in my store for many years. It was a rather large, attractive and impressive display if I must say so myself.

    Alas, the time has come for me to part company with my friends, the mugs, (I’m a ripe old 77 now,) and I wonder if you would have any interest in having them for your museum. I realize these mugs have no intrinsic value, but they represented the world that surrounded our Mac existence. The companies have, almost all of them, gone to Mac Heaven, and no doubt are negotiating with Steve Jobs about new deals, even as we speak.

    I would much rather see my friends, the mugs, find a new home where they will be lovingly appreciated and can strut their stuff once again surrounded by the Mac world they were so much a part of. Dumping them on Goodwill’s doorstep where they will be unceremoniously under appreciated, by people that don’t recognize their proud history, is not a happy thought. Believe it or not, many of those mugs has a history for me. Take the Mac Week Magazine one. Those mugs were only given to people who provided the magazine with a verified “scoop” they could use. I had to use a bit of wile to get it, as I had no insider info to pass along to them. It was a challenge and a lot of fun. Each mug collected was like winning the lottery!

    I also have a couple of other things as well.

    If you are interested, let me know It would be fun talking with you.

  4. Paul E. Scott says:

    Hi Scott,
    My memory was playing tricks with me in my last post. The Black owned Apple franchise was definitely not Tops! It was, I seem to remember now, Sun Computing. (Hope I am right this time!) Sadly, my memory ain’t what it used to be! My bad…

    Paul E. Scott

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