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MacLife Loves Apple

Written By: Scott - Feb• 26•11

MacLife is celebrating its 50th issue in style. If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, you need to- it’s a keeper. They named their “50 Reasons We Love Apple,” a great round-up of Apple’s most interesting and important inventions, personalities and productions (and yes, it even includes our favorite TV ad- Apple’s famous 1984 commercial!).

And while I am a fan of all things Apple, including my iPhone, iPad and 11″ Air, it is MacLife’s recognition of Apple’s classics that causes me to give them kudos.

Without spoiling the fun by telling you the ranking of their 50 reasons, let’s just say some of our favorites made their list, including the Clamshell iBooks, the wildly popular iMac G4, Newton, my all-time favorite- Macintosh Portable, Power Mac G4 Cube, Apple II, Bondi, the original Mac and even Apple’s progression of logos (my favorite is the original!).

With all the hoopla surrounding Apple in the media and how Apple continues to come up with yet another show stopping new invention, it would have been very easy to overlook the seeds that grew into today’s Apple.

Thanks MacLife for adding my favorites to your list.

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