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Macworld Magazine 1984

Written By: Scott - Feb• 16•11

For me adding the complete first year of Macworld to my Mac collection is like acquiring the Dead Sea Scrolls. Well not quite, but even still, these magazines are very valuable to a collector into Apple history and their early Macs.

Today, I completed my quest for each 1984 issue. Had the first one already- the premier edition, you know the one with Steve standing over a row of Macs, but didn’t have the others.

Macworld issued 6 mags in 1984. Their first issue was for March/April. The second issue was May/June, then July/August, Sept./Oct. and then in Nov. they started monthly issues, so there were Nov. and Dec. issues.

This was the year the Macintosh, the IIcFat Mac and Lisa 2 were launched. So you can see 1984 was a significant year in Apple’s history and reading these mags will open a time capsule of Mac history.

I’ll post nuggets from these editions once they arrive.

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  1. I too have the first Macworld magazine. I worked at Apple and was given the magazine as a gift. I wasn’t signed when I received it but in 1997 I was able to have Steve Jobs sign it. Then a few years later Steve Wozniak signed it. You can view a picture of it here:

    If you know anyone who may wish to buy this please let me know.



  2. Joyce Altaras says:

    I just read your post about the vintage Apple Logo Director’s chair. I have one that I’m willing to sell. I was in sales from 1983 to 2002, so I sold Apple II’s, Lisas, and Macs all from the beginning! This chair has hardly been used, and looks almost new. Let me know what you think. It is the beige one with the small Rainbow Logo to the upper left of the big letters “Apple”. Natural Wood tone.

  3. Ellyn says:

    I worked on that issue as editorial production manager, and still have a copy. It was a great adventure. Got to see the Mac before most other people (after signing a nondisclosure).

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  5. Janez says:

    I have mine framed on the wall, but would like to find a PDF of it, did anbody scanned it? I scanned the Mac 1984 manual and can share it.

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