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My 2012 Apple Highlight

Written By: Scott - Dec• 29•12
Came over from the dark side (Droid) to the Apple family.

Loves the iPhone 5

This year had some significant Apple milestones.

My Apple highlights include, I finally converted my son from the dark side to an iPhone. I bought an iPhone 5 for myself too. 🙂 Apple had a killer year, corporately. iOS6. The Mini was released (I’m holding out for the retina display though). My wife got the iPad 3. My Apple collection made the list of The Most Insane Apple Collections Of All Times.

But all of the exciting products, events and changes, my favorite 2012 highlight is-

I made it to the Apple stores in New York City.

Getting to the Grand Central Station and 5th Avenue stores was on my bucket list, obviously, but things just hadn’t fallen into place to get to New York City. Then earlier this year I was invited to be on a speakers panel there and jumped at the chance.

First things first- I landed at LaGuardia, jumped in a cab and then with luggage in hand went straight to my first stop- Grand Central Station. After soaking in all the excitement I could stand, I headed straightaway to the landmark 5th Avenue store. Visiting these stores was unbelievable. I immediately felt a bond with all the hordes of Apple fans in the stores and even with the employees. I talked with as many of the Apple workers I could. I took their pictures and asked them all kinds of questions about what it was like working in these stores, what their favorite product was and all kind of other questions that I’m sure struck them as a bit weird, but I didn’t care- I was in hog heaven.




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