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Written By: Scott - Oct• 31•11

Folks who have an affinity for computers and all things Apple can be seen as a bit nerdy. I’ve proven this on Facebook. While there are a few like-minded Mac friends there, most see my hobby as a bit weird. But even among the hundreds of friends there, only a handful are Macheads.

I enjoy sharing the good Apple news everywhere I go, online and off- like a Mac Appleseed. And yet at the end of the day, figuratively speaking, we need a place we can go. A place where we are in our element. Well, I have a place I go- my Apple Room.

Not sure the actual size, but that’s not the point. Instead, it is the one place I can go and immerse myself in Apple. Yes, I know we can do that anywhere today with mobile iDevices, but I’m talking about a place I can enjoy my posters, Apple collectibles and computing machines.

Some of my kid’s friends refer to it as a Mac Museum 🙂

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  1. Jerry says:


    I happened upon this Web site of yours during an Internet search I was doing for an Apple component. Looks as though you’ve built an impressive site here, with a number of interesting Apple-related Links.

    I’d be very interested to hear your feedback on what Apple non-Macs and Macs you like owning (or want to buy) the most.

    And as a related thing which I’ve never seen formally listed on the Web, I’d be very interested to hear what you would rank as the Top 10 most collectable/monetarily valuable Apple computers (models of Mac, Apple 1, Apple ][, Apple ///, Apple Lisa, and any others that I may have overlooked). Any commentary on why you think 1st place gets 1st place; 5th place gets 5th place; etc. could be interesting.–

    An estimated price range that you think each of the Top 10 fully equipped Apple computer systems would sell for currently would be interesting too.

    Also, if there are Apple computer models that you think are not yet collectable/valuable to collectors, but that you predict will become so in, say, 10-15 years, I’d be very interested in your forecast on that as well.

    Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on these Apple matters at my e-mail address, or on this Web site if it has a place for that sort of commentary.

    Thanks –

    With Regards,


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