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Written By: Scott - Nov• 24•11

My Favorite Apple started a facebook page on Nov. 2nd, 2011. I’m having a blast, posting tidbits, updates and daily musings, without the requirement of writing full blown journal entries here.

It started because I have requlary posted on my personal fb about all things Apple. A few friends supported them, some tolerated the posts and some continually made smart aleck comments back at my passion. Then after Steve Jobs died I felt compelled to post multiple times over about a two week period- about tributes, articles, observations and emotions- as our nation mourned. It became apparent non-Mac fans just don’t get it, so I decided to move.

Then in early November My Favorite Apple facebook page opened. Fan support is fantastic. We are Apple fans and proud of it.

At 8:07 CT this morning, we achieved a milestone. We reached 1000 fans.

I’m tickled Apple fans LIKE our page and I pledge to keep it up with “Celebrating & collecting all things Apple.” Scott King founder

My Favorite Apple reached its 1000 fan today!

Thanks for your support and if you have ideas or comments for our facebook page or my blog here, please let me know.


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