My Favorite Apple

My Favorite Apple- Journal Entry

Written By: Scott - May• 18•14

Journal update May 18, 2014:

I have a daily Apple routine. It’s keeping up with Apple Inc. and Tim Cook & Company. Following and anticipating their moves and positions,  even down to listening to their quarterlyapplestockcert-300x208 earnings call and the games they play with the stock analysts.

And aside from my fascination with this, my favorite company,  I collect their stock 🙂  I mean, who can call them self a collector of all things Apple without owning their stock too.

MarketWatchA few times a day, except during  down periods, I’ll pop my MarketWatch icon on my iPhone and I can see exactly what’s happening- number of shares traded, price-whether it’s up or down- and Apple news.  The analysts kill me though. I swear I don’t think they have a clue and tend to be jaded by their corporate influences and agendas. I wouldn’t give a rip but their expectations seem to reek havoc on the share price at times.

I love to watch Apple. Its story is remarkable. Apple, Inc. is so rich now it’s buying back its shares, which makes the other outstanding shares more valuable. To top that off it pays money every quarter to its shareholders. Apple wasn’t always so well off though. In 1997 when Steve returned as interim CEO the company was broke, but over time he nursed it back to health. I can not even fathom how much $150 billion is. That’s how much cash stored around the world it has, approximately. Interestingly, Steve never was in favor of paying dividends, probably for a lot of reasons, but his experience resuscitating Apple marked him.

Watching the acquisitions Apple makes (including the latest one of Beat Electronics) and thinking about what they are up to is a game folks love to play. Everyone wants to know what Apple is doing. In fact, there are the naysayers who contend they aren’t innovating since Steve died, but I don’t believe Steve didn’t carefully plan the direction of a company knowing he was dying. Heck, he foresaw the iPad back in the early 80’s.  So, I do not believe there aren’t annuals of notes with his ideas somewhere in a ultra-secret vault. My guess is it’s in Tim’s office. Hope they remember to get them out when they move into their new building 🙂

That’s another thing- Apple is building the mother of all corporate office campuses. It’s been joking referred to as the Mothership.

Apple's stock price run from 2009 to 2012

Apple’s stock price run from 2009 to 2012


Apple’s stock price took off like a rocket back a few years ago, eventually breaking $700. Then it like crashed. It was all I could do to keep my faith, but I did. Yes, I’m Apple crazy but I just knew Apple’s better days weren’t over. It fell to just under $400. Sure, I realized my money was losing value during this 6 to 8 month period the stock just couldn’t stop falling (no support), but she was getting beat up badly by the analysts and that made things worse. I’m not going to profess to know all the reasons at the time the shares plummeted, but folks didn’t like iPhone sales and profit margins (or that Apple was too dependent on the iPhone for its profit). Funny too, everyone has been so concerned iPod sales dwindled. If Apple stops making them it won’t surprise me at all. Apple invented a product that took its place and that’s totally cool. The iPod has its honored place in significant Apple products and forever will be remembered.

Did I tell you Apple is just about to give us 6 shares for every one we own? Yeap, that’s pretty cool too. I’m not smart enough to understand all the ramifications to this other than on June 6th the shares will split. Then on June 9th Apple shares will begin trading at its new adjusted price. This will be Apple’s fourth stock split since going public. Apple’s common stock split on a 2-for-1 basis on May 15, 1987, on June 21, 2000 and also on February 18, 2005. (I also have an early Apple stock specimen in my collection from during the Sculley days, of which we do not speak.)

On another note- there is probably truth to the speculation Apple’s about to release its largest screen iPhone yet. I saw a rumor it was jumbo sizing its iPad too (a 13 inch iPad Pro), but not sure about that one. The iWatch has all but been born according to the press. I just hope it’s a good one. I don’t wear a watch and don’t always have my glasses on, so reading stuff, even if it is bluetoothed to my phone is still going to make me a hard sell. I’m sure it will be cool though, but a niche’ market.

I’d love to see Apple introduce a 3-D printer. Then I want them to introduce a table top flat touch screen model, and I know that sounds like an iPad, but I’m talking a desktop model that is like 30 inches and flat, uber-thin and totally touch screen. Last but not least, I want them to do a holographic computer. Steve dreamed it, I’m sure.

Apple speakersThe last Apple computer related collectibles I acquired was a Macintosh SE ( I know you’d have expected me to already have the SE, but not. Computers tend to be quite large and require significant shelf room).  I found the owners manual from 1988 for the SE shortly after that. I’ve also grabbed a pair of speakers that sold with my Apple CD player, but I’ll tell you more about these additions another day.




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