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My first computer was an Apple

Written By: Scott - Oct• 24•11

I’ll never forget my first computer. It was an Apple Macintosh Quadra 650, 33 MHz 68040 processor and sold for $2,700 w/out the monitor, software and accessories. Released in Oct. 1993 and discontinued in Sept. 1994.

I don’t exactly remember when during that time mine was purchased. You see, I didn’t actually buy it- a friend of mine did. I paid for it, but he used my credit card to order me whatever he felt I needed and it was an Apple. He was a geek (a MacHead, to be exact); I was not.

My First Mac Computer

Prior to me giving him my credit card info, he urged me to buy “a computer.” I didn’t get it. I gave him all the reasons I didn’t need one. He final reason was, “You need to buy one for your kids’ sake.”

Then about a week later it was delivered to my house. I remember receiving several boxes (the Mac, monitor, printer and who knows what else he ordered).

I took them in my study, spread them out and proceeded to open them one by one. I still remember to this day how surprised I was at how easy the computer set-up. Plug and Play, if you will. He was right, however, my kids did love to play on it- they played Keywack.

I also remember, as a side note, once I got it powered up, I stared at the display thinking, “Now what do I do with it.” 🙂 ….but that’s another story for another day.

Apple’s Website Info on Quadra 650


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