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Written By: Scott

Enjoying our collections is half the fun, hunting the Macs and related memorabilia down is the other half.

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Steve Jobs' Senior Year High School Yearbook

Homestead High School Yearbook 1972, Steve's senior year.

Homestead High School Yearbook 1972


Book and magazines all about Apple

The Economist

Brand New in Factory Sealed Box Original iPad

Produced in 2010, this is a brand new, never opened, original iPad. 64 GB Wi-Fi/3G/GPS A1337 MC49LL/A

2010 New in box Original iPad

Apple Cubed Notepads

Beginning with the Macintosh, Apple produced variations of notepads, 4 were replicas of the Mac and others logo'd cubes

Apple Notepad Collection

My Mac Museum

A little tongue-in-check humor about my home office with all my Apple/Mac collection.

December 2013


My collection of Apple computers and memorabilia

Apple's first true portable

Apple posters, banners, pictures and framed things

Vintage Apple posters and banners. Tribute to Steve and significant framed pictures from Apple's history

Seeff signed Steve Jobs print

Apple T-Shirts & Clothes

While third parties currently produce Apple shirts, the two primary groups I collect are those back in the day that were sold by Apple and then those produced as employee shirts by different teams who worked together on various projects.

Macintosh World Tour T

New Apple IIc in factory box

I bought this IIc to add to my collection because it was in its sealed factory box, and included the monitor and stand- both in their sealed boxes too.

Front View

1994 PowerBook Duo 2300c Prototype

Prototypes are tracked internally at Apple & are destroyed once they have fulfilled their testing purposes, this makes any prototype rare as they have somehow escaped Apples clutches. Originally there probably would have been a few dozen of these made. How many “AJ” Prototypes are left in the world today would be a guess, probably less a half dozen if that. This model was introduced to the public in August 1995.

PowerBook Duo 2300c Prototype

Macintosh Portable Collection

Apple's first attempt at a true portable machine from 1989. The IIc was promoted as portable, as was Macintosh, but both required to be plugged it power outlets to power up. The Macintosh Portable operated off a battery. The most prominent innovation was the industry’s first active matrix black and white LCD screen on hinged cover over keyboard, plus a built-in trackball instead of a mouse. The Macintosh Portable weighed in at 16-pounds (largely due to large heavy lead-acid batteries) and focused on extended length power by using low-power Motorola 68HC000 and expensive SRAM to minimize power use and ‘instant on’ low power sleep mode. Apple later added back-lit active-matrix to help with low-light visibility. Ultimately usability issues and high price limited the adoption of the Macintosh Portable.

Macintosh Portable

Apple Gift Catalogs

Over the years Apple has produced or partnered with companies to produce tons of cool Apple Brand collectibles.

Image 2.jpg

1989 Apple Reunion Invitation

A reunion hosted by Apple honoring their employees from 1977 to 1983. The event was May 13, 1989 at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California.

The Apple Reunion Invitation 5.13.1989