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Now what do I do with this thing? My first computer

Written By: Scott - Jan• 01•13
My first personal computer

My first personal computer

I’ll never forget sitting in front of my brand new Quadra 650 thinking this very question.

You see, compared to many I was a late bloomer and at the age of 32, this was my first personal computer. The year was 1993 and at the insistence of a nerdy friend, I bought it. He kept encouraging me to get one on the basis of “You just need to get one.” But when that line of reasoning didn’t work, he appealed to me to do it for my kids and looking back he was dead on.

I told him since he thought I needed one so badly to take my credit card and order it for me. He did. When the boxes showed up at my door I immediately went to ripping them open. Little did I know Apple fans make a ceremony out of opening a new Mac or I would have videoed it, but either way, YouTube wasn’t invented for another 12 years.  

Looking back, I didn’t even know what kind of “computer” he ordered for me. No, I’m not talking about the model, like the Quadra, instead I’m talking about the brand. Thankfully, he was a huge Apple fan and bought me a Mac, and not an HP or IBM.

Thankfully my friend ordered me a Mac.

But the point here is once I got it set up and powered on I just sat there staring at the monitor thinking, “Now what do I do with this thing?”

Not long after that I bought my daughter KeyWack and let her bang away on my new computer…just like my friend wanted me to do.

And this old Apple ad reminded me of that day with my first computer.


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